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Welcome to FM WORLD Club!

We are a global Multi-level Marketing company. Established in 2004 in Wrocław; today we have more than two millions of Business Partners operating in all major international markets.

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Marketing plan

About our company

Our products


Food supplements of the latest generation, designed to support well-being and health.


Gourmet coffees and teas of the highest quality that you will enjoy with pleasure.


Pigmented makeup, with high coverage  that will transform you into the best version .


Luxury products, with precious ingredients, for face and body and perfumery products that will delight your senses.


We are experts in perfumes, we have over 250 fragrances , we are sure that you will find the favorite perfume made for you.


Dermatocosmetic products designed and developed for the specific needs of your skin.

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Why to join?


Free membership

As an Business Partner, you don't need to pay registration fees, you don't need to pay annual fees or place mandatory monthly orders.


Discount of up to 30%

For each order placed, you will earn up to 30% discount calculated as the difference between the recommended selling price and the Business Partner price.


Great marketing plan

Recommend FM WORLD products and business opportunity and earn up to 21% of the group's turnover and up to 8.5% of the company's global turnover.

Amazing perks

In addition to the marketing plan, we provide daily offers on our products, motivational programs that offer substantial bonuses, the opportunity to drive the car of your dreams, pay installments at home and to travel around the world.


Data protection


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Join today and enjoy our products

Orchid Club


Develop your personal team to 21% or up and FM WORLD offers you up to 8.5% additional of the company's global turnover distributed to all leaders who have achieved the title of Orchid.

Join us as Business Partner

Magnolia Club


Earn up to 21% from your personal sales and sales done from your network. Invite new Business Partners to join, explain the benefits of collaboration with FM WORLD, help them to develop and earn each time they place an order from 3% to 21%.

What you will receive as a Business Partner?



Being part of the FM WORLD team, you will have access to information and support that will help you in knowing and promoting products in order to develop your own business.

eShop & back-office


As a Business Partner you will have free access to business tools such as: back office where you can check the status of your business in real time, the digital brochure with products and an online store from which customers can order.

Well developed career plan


With a marketing plan that is easy to understand and follow, with development programs from the first day together and due to the quality products, you will have a safe journey with us from the beggining.

FM WORLD is a leader of Multi-level Marketing. A company was established in 2004 in Wrocław by Artur Trawiński. After three years, the Company started expanding globally. Today we have more than two millions international Business Partners already working with us.


What makes us stand out is our broad offer of perfumes and excellent FMCG products which won the hearts of customers worldwide. We attach special importance to working with passionate and energetic people, who believe that power of business is in the friendly relations. 

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Star Club


Develop a global leadership team, with complex structures made up of distributors, leaders and direct customers, and the FM WORLD company offers you up to 3.5% additional of the company's global turnover distributed to all leaders who have achieved the title of Stars.

Join us as Business Partner